Saturday, January 23, 2010

Closed Doors

I had a conversation the other day about closed doors in my life.
Here is what it lead me to realize...
My 8th grade year the door was closed for me to go to the high school that all my "friends" were going to. So I ended up going to Garland High School. Here I joined the tennis team where I met a bunch of guys that were a part of Young Life, this ministry really stretched me in my relationship with the Lord. These guys also got me connected with Texas A&M! Imagine me at any other school! :)
When I got to A&M I did not know any girls that I was in the dorm with. I met the girl across the hall who invited me to go to ASC. Through ASC I decided to interview to be a summer camp counselor. The first camp I interviewed with turned me down, thus opening the door for me to work at TBarM. Here is where I met the Polks who invited me to their home church upon graduation, which put me with families who would later be the group that started Watermark. There are a lot of other amazing stories and relationships that came out of TBarM as well.
Another closed door at A&M was the psychology department. From that I ended up in the Education department which lead to 3 years of teaching and some amazing kiddos.
Upon graduating I applied for teaching jobs and no one offered me a job. So I ended up taking a nanny job. Now this closed door was not an easy outcome, but I know that I learned a lot about the Lord, experienced depression which has given me a greater understand for others in my life and what lead me to work as a florist.
Another closed door that kept me in Dallas was not getting a job as a flight attendant with Southwest Airlines. I would have moved to Chicago!
I also applied for a job at Watermark to work with the Singles Ministry and the Equipping Ministry. This closed door allowed me to be able to take the job as On Your Mark Coordinator working with Kaigler.
At different times in my time on Watermark staff, other job opportunities have arisen and the Lord has always closed those doors. There have been a ton of different blessings and learnings that have come out of staying in Children's Ministry.
Then I think about a couple of summers ago and praying through going to work in Burundi for 3 months. This closed door really deepened a relationship with a sweet friend and allowed me to meet the people of Uganda, see the bead making, meet Jessica and be connected with the kiddos that are now a part of our sponsorship program.
I think about all the boys that He closed the door on and ... we'll just leave it there!
It was fun to reflect back on all the closed doors in my life and how the Lord has used them to stretch my faith and to guide me to the path He has for me.
(Thanks for reading... I think there are 3 of you!)

Friday, January 15, 2010

I want...

I have found myself this past week or so having lots of thoughts that start with "I want..."
Here are a few...
"I want to have a fun surprising engagement like that!"
"I want to be able to take pictures like that!"
"I want to be creative like that!"
"I want to have a husband and be fun with him like that!"
I'm not sure what else I have to say about that...
"I want to stop comparing and not being content with me!"

Friday, January 8, 2010

Join the Journey

Join the Journey is a Bible reading plan for the year. This year we are going through the Gospels. A fun addition to this years journey entry is questions for families to do together.
Very excited about this!

So if you want to receive the emails each day, sign up at...


Clearly vacation is good for my blogging frequency! I'm gonna try for one a week, we'll see how I do! I did want to put this out there, to the 4 of you who read my blog :)!

Watermark has a ministry called ShelfLife. It is a blog where people can read a book together, someone posts their thoughts and then dialogue happens. They have just started The Reason for God by Tim Keller. I am reading it and with great reservation will be doing a post in March, yikes! I didn't know about it before and figured most people didn't.

Here's the link...

Happy reading!