Saturday, August 10, 2013

Good-bye 30's!

Good-bye 30's, thank you for...
-first time ever living alone
-introducing me to solo trips
-lymes disease and food allergy craziness
-multiple trips to Africa
-seeing God move and radically change lives
-making me Aunt Zuzu
-an amazing decade of working with amazing people I love
-beach trips
-seeing provision for and being a part of  the building project
-deepening of friendships and new ones developing
-Estes Parks
-many marriages and births
-conflicts and reconciliations 
-more sunsets than I can count
-orphans sponsored 
-Israel family trip
-NKOTB reuniting 
-Costa Rica and crazy laughter
-sweet last memories with grandparents
-more ice cream and queso than was totally healthy
-peeps, peeps and more peeps
-amazing picture opportunities
-time in Haiti
-deeper understanding of God's grace and unconditional love 
-a great runway to head into 40!

The 30's have been pretty incredible! Can't even begin to imagine what the 40's hold. Here we go...