Friday, November 30, 2012

Our God... A Taunt??

Last Tuesday in staff prayer we sang "Our God."

Afterwards we discussed this is as close to a "taunting" song that we sing.  Then we starting sharing "taunts"... "my Dad is bigger than your dad". It really got me to thinking about who God is and what He has done. I'm not very good at bowing up and "throwing my weight around." But I do know that I serve a big God and His truth is worth putting out there. So here are some that were shared and some more that God reminded me of...

Our God is so great that He allows a righteous man to be thrown into a lion's den so that an entire nation will know that He is faithful.

Our God is so powerful that He allows a man to disobey Him, then uses a big fish to call Him back to obedience.

Our God is so good that He redeems sexual abuse for His glory and the survivors good.

Our God is so great that He covers us with His hand in the cleft of the rock when our enemies are out to get us.

Our God is so loving that He allows His only Son to be nailed to a cross to pay for our sins so that we can be intimate with a Holy God.

Our God is so big that He gives confidence to a little shepherd boy to stand against a foe and win with just a small stone.

Our God is so precise that He knocks down the walls of a fortified city after His people just walk around it and yell.

Our God is so compassionate that He waits to return so that all come to know Him and are saved from an eternity separated from Him.

Our God is so in control that that no one is put into power unless He allows it.

Our God is a healer of pain that the enemy thought would destroy us.

Our God is a Father to the fatherless.

Our God's love changes hearts where His people want to give of their time, talents and treasures for others above their own comfort.

Our God provides for single moms who need vehicles through the abundance He gave to others in His body.

Our God is so powerful that He moves a heart to trust when no trust should be there.

I feel like I could go on and on...

It really is such a fun exercise to go back and think about stories in the Bible as well as stories I see all around me where God is making His name more famous through His Word and His people. So grateful to get to watch and be counted in His stories!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Australia, Day 3: Daintree Rainforest

Last day is Australia!  This day was rainforest day.  Went with a tour group.  Went up through the rainforest, ate a great lunch, went to a river and had some tropical fruit.  

our cool guide... pure Australia!

can you see him?

this one tasted like chocolate!

and some crazy flavored ice creams!

That's it... the whole trip!  Thanks for reading!  Thankful and blessed to have had the chance to go!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Australia, Day 2: The Great Barrier Reef

This was an interesting day. Choosing which reef tour to go with was definitely the hardest choice of the whole trip.  There were so many pieces I wanted to do, quickly learning you can't have it all.  So I chose based on the helicopter ride and I am so glad I did.
We took a boat out, about an hour and 1/2 ride. It actually was a really fun ride, met some fun people and got pretty wet from the spray of the waves. Once arriving I was to go out on my "adventure snorkel!"  Reality... I looked like a dork.  I had on my life jacket and stayed on top of the water the whole time while the others were diving down looking at stuff.  Me... puttering along! The water was real choppy and I got tired quick.  Thankfully our guide let me hold onto the life ring.
At one point the guide said, "shark!".  I look up expecting everyone to be swimming toward the boat and no one was moving or panicking like I was!  I said, "could you please repeat that?" She said, "shark!" I then said, "then why aren't we going to the boat?" She said, "no, look down, it's a reef shark!"
I'm pretty sure you should never yell shark while you are out in the middle of the ocean with a rookie snorkeler like me!!
I also rode on the glass bottom boat and then took a helicopter out over the reef and back into land.  It was really amazing!!!  There are a ton of pics... I couldn't narrow down any smaller!!

here is the shark... top right!

this is a blue clam.  kind of middle to the right.

the "experienced" snorkelers!

my life ring!

above the reef...

the helicopter... NEMO!

Seriously amazing day!!!