Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Zealand... Day 1!

Each year I try to take a solo trip to get out of Dallas, go explore somewhere and spend great extended time with the Lord.  I missed last year because of being sick and through a random course of events decided to go big this year.  After much thought and prayer and processing I decided to go to New Zealand and Australia. I took somewhere around 2,000 pics and just now starting the weeding out and sorting process. After 34 hours of travel and completely skipping right over October 9th.  5 cities, 5 airports, 2 continents, 3 countries I finally landed in Wellington, NZ!
The day I landed I went out exploring looking for their botanic garden.  On the map it looked like an easy enough thing to get to.  Just didn't realize it was basically uphill!  I didn't handle that very well. Asked a local and they sent me to the cable car... much easier.  Here are my favorite pics from that little excursion...

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