Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Zealand: Day 6... skydiving!!!

This is one of my top 3 favorite days of my trip.  The night before when I arrived in Queenstown I asked the guy helping me with my room what I should not miss doing or seeing.  He said... skydiving.  I said, oh great, have you done it??  He says... NO, but you totally should.
I've thought about doing it before and always talked myself out of going.  Then after I got settled in my room I went down to the concierge and talked with him about what I should do.  He says... skydiving for sure.  Oh great, have you done it?? NOPE! Hmmm... so who has exactly??
The next morning I just decide I am going for it.  I go to the front desk and the 2 people behind the desk are excited that I am thinking about it and say that I should totally go for it.  Oh, have y'all been???  NO... but you totally should!  So I signed up to go.
When the van gets there to take me I start to get really nervous.  Everyone in the van is also nervous and it is their first time as well.  We arrive at the jump site and I find out I am the only one jumping from 15,000 feet. Again... have I lost my mind? They show us a video, I'm now even more nervous and I find out I'm going up first.  I meet my tandem guide... he's Irish! And learn how to do the banana pose and off we go!
As we climb in the plane I start to get pretty nervous.  I ask the guy how high up we are and he tells me that we are only 6,000 feet.  Oh my...
I guy with us goes first at 12,000 feet.  I contemplate what I would have to do to get out of this.  Holy cow!!!  And then it's my turn... Brian says... "When I open the door, put your legs under the plane..." Door open, we fall out and it is crazy amazing.  Such a beautiful place.  The 65 second free fall was a little torturous... so stinkin' cold. Once the parachute goes I just enjoy the view.
So glad I did it.  Not sure if I would go again. Not sure where would outdo this!

 the red bag in front is my life jacket... just in case!

the nerves are setting in!

only 6,000 feet so far!!

 feet under the plane...

 beautiful... and sooo cold!

And this is the video!  You can for sure see the moment I want to rethink this decision.  Fake smile!!

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