Thursday, November 12, 2009


If I get married, instead of a "maid of honor" and "bridesmaides"...
Is it ok for me to have a "peep of honor" and "bride's peeps"???

Sent from "no tellin' where!"

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Lots of different things over the last week have reminded me of the many blessing in my life. One being... MY FRIENDS!
So here are the ABC's of why I feel so blessed by them...
A- authentic conversations
B- bold in speaking truth
C- care about my heart
D- diligent to find me
E- eat ice cream with me (ok and chips and salsa too!)
F- faithful even when I'm frustrating
G- generous with their time to help
H- help me to process
I- individually being different things
J- just willing to listen while I cry
K- knowing what encourages me
L- listening while I process (externally of course)
M- make time for quality time
N- never keeping me in a box
O- open to my crazy ideas
P- patient while I take lots of pictures
Q- quick to forgive me
R- ready to encourage me to Truth
S- steering me to what is important
T- tears are accepted
U- understanding when it's hard
V- very fun to laugh with
W- want me to succeed
X- xtra encouraging when I am wrestling
Y- your prayers impact me
Z- zillion reasons why I am who I am today!
So incredibly thankful for those God has let me call FRIEND!