Thursday, November 12, 2009


If I get married, instead of a "maid of honor" and "bridesmaides"...
Is it ok for me to have a "peep of honor" and "bride's peeps"???

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  1. Where Scripture is firm we will stand firm. Where Scripture is flexible we will remain flexible. I just read the whole Bible this morning searching for a verse on this question. I couldn't find anything so I guess that means you're okay to go with "peeps".

    Who's the lucky guy?????

  2. Depends on the wedding cake...Brandy Butler once made a killer "peeps" cake that could go with the theme...

  3. does that mean that i can be a bridesma errrrr...peep?

  4. THAT is funny. I would be fine with being a bride's peep, assuming i still get that role...I realize it is always questionable and assuming you didn't make me dress like one. I mean, love you mean it Suzannah, but, that peep costume is not what I would call a figure flattering outfit...