Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Haiti #1

It's pretty overwhelming here. I mostly feel numb and unsure of what I feel or think. I am journaling a ton and feel like I am all here.
For the most part my back is fine and I'm sleeping pretty well. The devestation is huge and the beauty is amazing. The stories are heartbreaking and miraculous.
I'm wrestling with lonliness, what is God wanting to show me?
I've already taken over 700 pics, lost a farkle, been bitten by a kid, held lots of hands, seen lots of critters, seen a mass grave, crumbled buildings, heard and seen where God is moving, seen the national amputee soccer team (all started after the earthquake!), seen breathtaking sunsets, laughed, ALMOST cried, killed more mosquitoes I and seen more smiles than I can digest...
And it's only Tuesday morning!
Keep praying... We need it!

Check out #wmhaiti hashtags on Twitter and facebook for updates throughout the day and I think I'll post more here too!

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