Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't forget about his legs!

This year our journey through the Bible is taking us through the New Testament.  We have done Join the Journey for years now.  If you go to you can join us.  Each week there is also a family activity to go along with one of the daily readings.
Today we read Mark 2.  I've read this story many, many times about the friends who lower a paralyzed man through the roof to Jesus.  I've marveled at the friends effort to care for this man and the lengths they went to to get him healing.  I don't know why today it hit me differently.  Probably because that is how God's Word works... same street and yet different scenery noticed!
So the new things I thought today... Jesus says you're sins are forgiven before He actually heals the mans legs.  What in the world were the friends thinking?  I assume they brought the man to Jesus so He could make their friend walk again.  (Now these are just my assumptions, could totally be wrong, but go with me here!)  And Jesus says... your sins are forgiven.  I'm sure they were excited about that, I assume they knew how important that was too.  But do you think they might also have been thinking... oh but hey... don't forget about his legs!  
And then I thought how much is that like me.  I go to the Lord a lot in prayer on behalf of my friends.  I ask Him to make them feel better, please let that guy ask her our, please give them a job, please allow my friend's new baby to sleep through the night so my friend can get sleep, etc!
Over the last couple of years I have been challenged to change my prayers and this section of scripture challenges me to continue to be aware of what I am praying.  There's obviously nothing wrong with sleep, jobs, and health... but is it ever at the expense of our holiness?  Do I pray my friends and myself right out of the thing that will draw them closer to Him?  What's more important... their/my comfort or our closeness to the One that has all that we need?  
I was encouraged today to be more about our holiness and not just our ability to "be fine." May my heart for my friends and for myself be more about drawing closer to Jesus, no matter what it takes!

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  1. Suzanne, I was struck by that also. What the paralyzed man and his determined friends likely sought was physical healing and Jesus' answer did not look like the answer they desired. But the true answer, and healing, have one source, in restored relationship with the Lord. Matt. 6:33.
    Even rest is found when what we seek is Him first; note the end of Mark 2 about the Sabbath, which God made for man. ESV study note: Jesus next emphasizes that man is not to be confined by the Sabbath but rather that the Sabbath is given as a gift to man (for spiritual and physical refreshment).