Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seeing Myself

I was all set to write a long blog and then got caught up inn reading the updates on my peeps blogs.  So fun to see what everyone was up to over the holiday, fun family photos, and watching the journey my friends the Leventhals are on as they have picked up their son Joshua from China.  Excited to meet him!
But I did want to share about a new book I am reading.  It's called... Choosing to See by Mary Beth Chapman.
It is all about her life journey and the road that lead to the grief of losing a child and her journey after.  What has already been so great is that I feel like she and I could be really good friends.  I'm seeing some of myself in her.
Steven Curtis Chapman (I don't feel like I can just right part of his name) wrote the foreward for the book.  Here are a few things he said about her...
"she has had a lifetime of watching God overwrite her plans with His story.  Sometimes the result has been wonderful, and sometimes it has been devastating.  Sometimes she's been a willing participant, and sometimes she's gone 'kicking and screaming.'"
"I've watched my wife wrestle with the providence of God in as real and honest a way as anyone I've ever known."
"I can say this book is written by someone who is deeply committed to not sweeping the pain or struggle under the rug. While I know my wife to fully and desperately believe and trust in the sovereignty of God, I also know her- as you will come to know her in these pages- as one who is determined to be honest about the struggle."
I can relate and I hope some of the same things can be said about me.  It has already been a great book for me in continuing to grow in acceptance of who God created me to be, widening and affirming my belief in who He is, and in continuing to walk this road of grief that I am on.
(The picture above is the last picture that their daughter Maria drew before she passed away.)

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