Saturday, January 15, 2011

Be Sure to Dry Them

Back in the fall my friend was commenting on all the fall leaves and how amazing they were and she wished she had a way to capture them.  When I went to Connecticut a few years ago to see the fall leaves I brought back a handful and framed them in my office.  To my surprise they have kept their color.
After talking with my friend I had an idea to make a tree out of fall leaves.  So I went around town and picked up leaves, and I maybe might have pulled some off the trees.  They were gonna fall of anyway right?  And I might have ventured into people's yards if they had ones I could not live without.  Over Thanksgiving my dad and I worked on the tree.  He has a great eye and is really creative and helped me get it just right.  I hung it on my wall.  As time went on I started to notice the leaves turning colors, and eventually they went black.  I was confused.  Then I remembered that I had dried all the leaves I brought back from Connecticut.  So I rushed back out and gathered more leaves.  I took each one and placed them between newspaper and weighed them all down under a heavy book.  And waited!
A couple of weeks ago I pulled them all out and recreated my tree.  So far it is holding its color!
I sure do love the creativity of our Creator!  And I'm thankful that we are having actual "falls" in Dallas!
Here's a picture of it...
(Sorry the pic is kinda bad, my iphone, inside, and with glare made it kinda hard to take, but you get the gist!)

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  1. Oh I love it... what a creative way to remember the fall leaves.