Friday, January 7, 2011

Peep Pressure... the good kind!

I've only done 2 races in my life.  The first was a 5K, solely done in preparation for the 2nd race, the White Rock Marathon RELAY (felt like I should capitalize that in case anyone got it mistaken for the entire marathon.)
Here's how I ended up in the RELAY:
I was sitting around a table at Freebirds with my A&M girls and someone brought it up and the next thing you know I have signed up for the relay.  Yes in my memory, it happened that fast. And yes, it was total peep pressure AND not wanting to miss out on the fun and memories!
And I wish I could say I have grown and would never give in to that or feel the need to do something insane as to not miss out on the fun... but I have gone and done it again.  This week at our staff meeting one of the girls brought up the Warrior Dash and explained what it was and said it would be fun for us to do together.  So who's in?  All these hands went up and mine STAYED DOWN.  No one was really surprised as thankfully my team knows me well and knows... I don't walk, workout, run, and I especially don't DASH!  But as the day went on and more discussions were had and the hype got started, I started to FEEL IT, that desire to want to be in on the fun.  The desire to not miss out if everyone is doing it.  The thought of the pictures and the memories.  Now I was totally in my right mind and had MANY MANY excuses and thoughts of...
I'll slow you all down.
"No Suz, we will all stay together."
But I don't run!
"Suz, there is so much mud you can hardly run."
But what if I can't keep going?
"Suz, we will totally drag you!"
Wait what?
So I started trying to picture myself in the race, really getting in and making it happen... here is what I pictured...
And after lots of conversations, a few pep talks, a promise to not leave me behind, I gave into peep pressure and I signed up!  I have had total buyers remorse since then, felt sick to my stomach, fear I might die and secretly think we will have a BLAST!
April 16th... just a little over 3 months to think about it... YIKES!


  1. i don't care that i will be 39 weeks pregnant at that time, i will travel anywhere if you can guarantee me to see you "celebrate with kick-ass music, BEER, and warrior helmets"!!!!!

  2. I did it last year and it was so fun. I was really nervous but most people are just normal people like you and me doing something crazy.