Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Surprise Laughter

Christmas 2010 will go down as the Christmas that I was most surprised, and it had nothing to do withe my actual presents.  It had everything to do with the surprise moments of laughter and beauty that I got the experience.  I am sad that our holidays are going to be forever changed, but I am thankful that they aren't "ruined" or "over!"  Here are some pics and a few explanations of the surprise funny moments!

On our way up there it snowed lightly and dusted the trees.  It was so beautiful.  We took the pic above right after we ate at the only restaurant we found open Christmas Day... a Chinese food restaurant in a motel.
This was the sunset the first night we were there!
 The next morning... frost!
 My Aunt had decorated both houses for Christmas and really helped all of our moods.  Here is one of her cats enjoying the holiday decor!
 In honor of the year of the raccoon, my mom covered the last quarter by giving me a stuffed raccoon. 
My mom is extremely creative and thoughtful. 
It was really funny because my aunt's cat was a little freaked out by it. 
 This probably provided some of the greatest laughs! 
This is a remote control millennium falcon!  It was not easy to fly. 
But every time my dad and I got going we were belly laughing before it ran out of juice. 
We said to my mom... "We hope you didn't pay too much for this. 
Her response, "I've already gotten my money's worth!"
And the last pic... 50 pound bags of feed.  I hauled a few of them.
 And yes, use your imagination... I'm a wimp!

Very, very thankful that the first holiday without all my grandparents is over, and thankful it far exceeded the nightmare I was expecting.
A little update on me.  After the holidays I felt a major life in my spirits and emotions.  I do still have moments of being really sad from all that happened last year.  But I see how God's truth and  love is continuing to heal my heart!  So thankful!

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