Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in Review

2011 has been another interesting and hard year.
One of the side effects of Lymes Disease for me as been a loss in memory.  It has been so hard for me to just recall things like I used to.  I would blame it on getting old, but I don't think I am quite that old yet. (I don't want this to sounds too dramatic, I don't have amnesia.)
But pictures have become a big part of jogging my memory.  (I knew they would come in handy somehow!)
So here is some of 2011... in picture review!

Amazing snow and ice in February!

2nd trip to Haiti... watching our kids love and serve the Haitian kiddos was priceless!

Warrior Dash... fun times with a fun team!

Being able to witness the birth of my nephew Harper!



and more painting!

Mavs win the championship... superstition and all!

Finding out I have lymes disease along with other things that bring on... 
lots of pills to take!

Resting in Florida with friends.

Ziplining in Costa Rica!

New York with the fam!

And lots of sweet babies born and adopted. Friends getting married.  There were trips to visit friends and reunions to attend. Tragedies and sicknesses that plagued our staff family. Lots of verses exchanged over texts to remind us who to put our trust in. Forgiveness granted in friendships that were torn. Healing from the year before of so much loss. 
2011 was an interesting year.  Hard to really process all that came and went.  2012 is on its way... hopeful to grow deeper in loving God above all things, serving others, and sharing His truth without fear.

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