Friday, December 30, 2011

New York!

So it has taken me a while to get back into this blogging thing.  Busy September and October, then I got a little sick and then I moved.  Made for some crazy happenings... and lack of blogging.  So thought I would do a little catch up...


Upon arrival found a whole slew of these cupcakes for a belated birthday celebration.  My sister remembered my fav and cookied up a few dozen of these guys!
They were YUM!

One of my favorite things the whole trip was getting to see Mary Poppins on Broadway.  It was so amazing!  I felt like a little kid the whole time... just smiled through the entire performance.
And yep... I busted out some colored tights!

Steph attempting to walk up the wall... inspiration from the play!

One afternoon we ate our way through Chinatown. Dim-sun and all!

Green tea shaved ice with mango and green jelly!

Some really off the wall ice creams... (sadly I can't remember what they were called!

Then one night we had sushi... holy cow it was amazing!!!

I had some fun with the color accent on my little camera.  I hadn't noticed before... but my sister's hand is a little creepy!

Got to go see the 911 Memorial.  Really moving and amazing!

This fish dish was awesome!

A flower in Central Park!

And we took a night boat tour to see the lights of New York... it was really great!

A little fun with time lapse...

All in all it was a really fun trip!  Thanks Steph and Jerry for your hospitality...

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