Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Want vs Need

Most of the time in life we run after what we want, what we desire.  And a lot of the time this gets us into trouble or distracts us from what is important.  We talk about not just wanting things but getting what we really need.  And sometimes, we don't even really know what we need.
And then I started thinking about my relationship with the Lord.  I need Him.  And I have to go to Him A LOT to get what I need.  I was created for Him and therefore need what He has.  But... do I want Him?  Do I desire Him?
In relationships, we don't just want someone to come to us because they need things.  We want them to want us, to desire to be with us.  And why wouldn't that also be true with the Lord?  Wouldn't it bring Him joy for us to come to Him because we desire Him?  Because we want to be with Him, not just need something from Him?
This is not fully baked yet... but it sure has me thinking!!!

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