Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A little recon work...

A little over a week ago I was in Estes Park, CO! I love this place! Our church has taken a group from our body the last 9 years. We have skipped a few years, but happily are now back to every year. I have been greatly blessed to get to go on these trips every year we have gone, as part of our Kid's Crew.

About 5 years ago I became obsessed with these bears that we drive by each time we are there. Here is a pic of the one I really like... I talked and talked about them, but a couple of friends (no names to be named), kinda thought I was nuts. I secretly had hoped that it might just show up in my office one day, but that has not happened. So I decided before this last trip that this was the year.

We arrive in EP... got our caramel apple. Must include pic, another EP fav! We head to the YMCA and we are making the turn off the main road and the guys asked me if we had passed the bear place. I had been messing with my phone on my new twitter account (@suzpeeps) and sending the above pic to all of my peeps who love them as much as me and miss the store.

So we decide to look for them when we head back into town for dinner. Upon heading into town we don't see it. It is dark so I just assume we missed it. After dinner we drive really slow looking for the store... we find the building and my heart sinks!!! They have closed down. We look in the windows and nothing. The whole place is empty.

Insert comment from Ryan, "As Beau says, 'God is sovereign!'" I'm not so ready to believe that God doesn't want me to have one of these beautiful creatures in my office! SO....

The next morning we stop at the store and the recon work begins. We find phone numbers next to the cash register. Convinced these are probably former employees, we finagle around a little and are able to write them down. So I call... After 3 different disconnected numbers, Helen answers her phone and tells me she knows all of the information for the man who makes these bears. She takes down my info and says she will call me back. She DOES! I now have all the info I need for the chainsaw sculptor. So hopefully by the end of the summer, one of these bears will grace my office! YIPEE!

Thank you to Kyle, Ryan, Helen, Mom and all my other friends who supported me in the recon work for this dream, whether in presence or heart!

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