Thursday, March 18, 2010

Questions for ShelfLife

I had not included questions in my post, so I added them this morning. Thought I would share here too.

1) What “rules” do you tend to run after instead of resting?

2) What keeps you from giving God time and space? (fear, business, unbelief, etc)

3) Are you able to be honest with God about what you don’t believe? Do you take those to Him so that He can transform your unbelief to belief?

4) Make a list of things that you worry about or try to control, then on the same page, make a list of truths you KNOW to be true about God. If you believe those truths, does your outlook on the first list change?

Continuing to run to the Lord with my questions, unbelief, and performance.
Man… rest is pretty amazing!

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