Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Grandparents

I leave tomorrow to head to Colorado for 5 days. Everyone's first response is... oh fun, are you skiing? Thankfully, no, as I don't like to ski. :) I will spend the first 24 hours in Estes Park doing "research" for our trip in June. Then I pick my mom up at the airport and we will head to my grandparents farm. They live to the east, where it is really flat!
My grandparents aren't doing very well. My grandma has Alzheimer's and her health is failing. It will be hard to see her, knowing that my grandma is already gone. While her body is here, she is not with us anymore. My grandpa's health is also deteriorating. I am thankful that I will get to see him and will wonder when I drive away if this is the last time.
I have a TON of amazing memories with my grandparents. We use to spend weeks at a time in the summer with them. They lived on a farm in Kansas. We rode horses, we bailed hay, we play croquet and whiffle ball. We swam in the creeks, ate jello at every meal, and made sugar cookies together. We also chased little pigs, and rode on the tractor. We chopped thistles and roasted weenies on huge bonfires. We also went to quite a few VBS's. We also got the spend a lot of Christmas' with them. Some of the best times were when it snowed and got really cold. We would go sledding down the hill and across the frozen pond.
My grandma and grandpa would spend a bunch of time with us... riding horses, reading to us, and just being great grandparents. It breaks my heart to see them dying. I know it is part of life and I want them to be able to go quickly and without a lot of pain.
I hope I can love on them, serve them and bring them a little joy in the next few days. If you think about it, please pray for our time together. I know I will shed a ton of tears, heck I'm crying just typing all this out!
God thank you for Warren and Helen Schmidt who loved me and shared You with me when I was growing up! I will miss them!


  1. those are some great memories SS. I'm a bit envious of that relationship - something I didn't have with my grandparents.

  2. Glad for this opportunity for you friend! Will be praying for your time.

  3. Suz, thanks for sharing those sweet memories. It will be bitter sweet, but so meaningful. Asking the Lord to make this a special time for you, your mom and G-parents...2 Cor 4:16.