Saturday, February 19, 2011

Haiti #1

Not sure I'll get a ton of time to blog, but please follow the fun on our facebook page... Watermark Families in Haiti.
It has been awesome so far! The families are doing great. Kids are jumping in despite language barriers and just loving on and playing with everyone they meet! It is such a great picture of initiative and unconditional love... Wish we could all live so innocent and unconditional!
The Lord has blessed me with great pictures of His creativity (which I love!)... Let's see... rat (affectionately known as the Haitian hamster), tarantula, new baby goat, unbelievable thunderstorms, sunsets, sunrises, and got to watch the moon set... A first for me!
The Lord is providing "family" for me on this "family trip" in many ways... So grateful for His care for me!
Thank you all for praying! I'm so thankful!!!
Sent from "no tellin' where!" -Suz

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