Sunday, February 27, 2011


Here is a group of my fav pics from our trip to Haiti!  
On our shirts for the trip was the creole word for flexible... FLEXIB!
It for sure became the theme of our trip!
Here we are on the bus headed to MOH!

Sunset as we drove in...

Jeanie as she is hanging her mosquito net.  A little overexposed, but I thought kinda cool!

This is the moonset I got to see the first morning.  Really cool!

A fun group of the girls!

These little guys were headed to school as we were headed out!

There will be 500 homes built on this property so those in temporary homes can move out!

These are cactus.  They use them as their fence.  Pretty genius!

The Haitian kids loved helping paint!

Our tarantula friend.  I tried to protect him from our kids and then a Haitian man walked by
and smashed him with a rock :(

Can you say awesome!

This sweet little girl tore up this metallic wig.  She was having so much fun with it.

Not a lot of words needed for these!

During church there was a group of guys that did not want me to take their picture.  We were goofin' around.  When I would pick up the camera they would hide and laugh!  It was so great!

Lots of hula-hoopin'!  The biggest hit!

Oh if I could only have one :)

These kids are watching a really funny skit.  It was sooo great to see all the laughter!

Sharing the truth of Jesus!

Ladies who have become amputees, many from the earthquake are making
headbands, coin purses and purses.  Pretty awesome to see!

Trash pick up!

And a little time at the beach!
The more I get away from the trip the more amazed I am at all God accomplished!
So thankful for all I get to be a part of!
What is your favorite pic??

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  1. My favorite pic was probably Jeanie sharing the gospel to those 3 boys....made me tear up a little. So sweet. Of course all the kid photos bring the biggest smile to my face!
    I hope to go someday....thanks for sharing friend!