Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Days = Much Needed Laughter

I was told the farmer's almanac said that this winter was going to be pretty mild. I didn't buy it. I even promised a friend last Saturday that we would have at least one really good snow before Spring arrived. Of course I'm really no weather man and I was just talkin'... but glad I was right!
It has been so fun. Ice, different routine with work, and fun times in the snow.
I've spent a ton of time in my fleece pants...
I ventured out yesterday to take some pics in the neighborhood.  Most of them look the same... so here is my one highlight.
The neighbors dog was outside... having a ball!  All the white is snow.  So cute!
And the little squirrel in my backyard.  Again having so much fun!
Then a few friends decided to venture out.  We had lunch at Brother's Pizza... great $5 lunch deal if you've never been there.
Then we watched this youtube video on how to make snow ice cream... And since it only costs a dime... we were in!  We used half and half... mucho yummy.  Oh and we added cinnamon!  (Clean snow is for sure the key here!)

Next we ventured outside.  Lots of snow balls thrown... and the snow man attempt.  The snow would not just roll into balls and so we made bucket fulls and created a snow marshmallow man.  He was pretty cute!

Definitely very fun times.  We then ventured to the store and got stuff to have breakfast for dinner.  We went all out... eggs, bacon, sausage, cinnamon rolls, hashbrowns, blueberry pancakes, french toast casserole, and orange juice.  Major YUMMY!
And then tried to stump the Akinator... not easy to do!  But definite entertainment!
This week has been pretty interesting for me.  Part of the week was tough.  I had some good crying moments and continue to process all that has taken place over the last year.  But Thursday night I laughed like I haven't laughed in a long time.  Like the kind of laughing where your sides hurt and you need to pause to breathe.  It felt soooo good to laugh.  And yesterday added for some more funny moments.
So today... I'm really thankful for the snow... it brought some GREAT laughter!  And it's also really pretty!
Ok... off with Dad to White Rock Lake to see if there are any good picture ops!

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