Saturday, February 26, 2011

Who God Ache's For...

I started this devotional book a couple of weeks ago and love it!  It has really had some great things to ponder and be reminded of.  An entry I read over a week ago has really stuck with me.  It talks about mental health and the subtitle says... "awakening amazement at the strange glory of ordinary things." (It's on page 69 in case you want to read the whole thing.)
This little section has reminded me to be aware and pay attention to what God has created!  This is something that I do often (see all the crazy amounts of GB of photos I have taken solely of nature)!  But also last night I was reminded that of everything created, we are God's prized creation.  He sees us as more beautiful than the sunsets and amazing landscapes.  THIS IS NOT EASY FOR ME TO COMPREHEND!  In fact it is something that I have to remind myself and work to believe.  Because I see the CRAP in my life. I see the faults, I see the sin... I see ME! AND yet I forget... God sees me through His Son.  He sees me as perfect.  His Son died so this could be true and I BELIEVE!  And wow!  What an amazing thing!  I've been given the blessing of seeing some pretty amazing almost unbelievable beauty in what He has made... but all for us to enjoy and to show His glory... and He wants us to be that for the world to see.  To see who He is, what He has done for us, and what He wants to continue to do.  He wants us to show others who He is because they need HIM!
Another thing that speaks to me a ton about "who God is" is music written about Him and who we are.  Last night I heard a song that will be playing on my phone and in my car for weeks to come.  It's called "God of My Everything" by Bebo Norman.  Listen to it here and take in the truth of what it's saying... You are who God aches for!!!

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