Saturday, January 28, 2012

An. Amazing. Team.

It's been hard to decide what pics to share next.  And I continue to be in shock that it's over.  We were on the plane headed to London and I said... "It is so surreal to me.  We were just in Uganda for 8 days, right?"  David pipes up from the seat behind me and says... "It happened! AND it was AWESOME!"  This keeps ringing in my head every time I doubt!

So the next three words...

This group of people could not have been more phenomenal! Some of them said yes the moment we asked, and some needed some time to really process and be convinced it was what the Lord had next for them.  But...

they all dove in and didn't look back!  They loved and played and laughed and jumped and sang and crafted and ran their hearts out.  They served without a single complaint. And most importantly they shared the love of Jesus with each and every kiddo they came in contact with.

I'm so thankful for them.  And feel extremely blessed that I got to experience this amazing week with each of them.  Even if I sometimes wonder if it really happened! At least I have pictures to prove that it happened!  

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