Sunday, January 1, 2012

Costa Rica!

In September I had the blessing of going to Costa Rica with some staff friends.  Each year crazy antics and bargaining go on for the 3 staff spots on the trip.  Robbi and I began memorizing scripture together 2 years ago.  She memorized the Sermon on the Mount and quoted her part perfectly to win a spot.  She graciously invited me to go with her.  The trip was amazing!
The pics are not in order... but a pretty good pic of how the trip was!  We got to stay at an amazing place and LAUGHED until I cried multiple times.  Enjoy...

We zip-lined and had a ball!

Brandy & Wes Butler, Robbi Russell, Mike & Holly Shelton

Our place even provided umbrellas!

On night for dinner we went to an all you can eat buffet... it was UNBELIEVABLE!
And my favorite part was these mango popsicles.  I literally ate my weight in these things!

During the zipline day, we went off a tarzan swing.  Listening to Mike scream like a girl was priceless!

And a little mud bath for our complexions! 

Love, love, love me some nature.

This is a virgin mint pina colada... maybe had a couple of these!

And yes, they came around and sprayed our face with mist!

This guy was funny!  He was just chillin' at the pool!

A very cool waterfall that we rode horses to get to.

And the final touch on one of our amazing days!  I laughed because our guide stops the car so we can get out to see them.  And I thought to myself... "he totally set these guys up for a better tip!"

There was an outdoor shower... this was the view.  Maybe I stepped out of my comfort zone :)

We saw these guys on a golf cart tour around the amazing golf course.
The guy below got a little irritated with all the pictures!

Robbi and I's hot date the last night... after an amazing afternoon at the spa!

We went kayaking and these fish started to go crazy!!!
We decided it was time for P.E. at the school!

Also went snorkeling and go to take some cool underwater pictures.

Ans this is the breakfast from the last morning... oh my goodness... melt in your mouth!

It was such a blessing to get to go to such a gorgeous place and rest!  Thank you Robbi for taking me with you!

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  1. So thankful to have you on this trip with me friend!! I had an absolute blast!