Thursday, January 12, 2012

Here We Go!

It is so hard for me to believe that in 5 hours I will be sitting on a plane headed to Uganda to experience months and month of dreaming, planning and praying come to be a reality.  I can't even remember how we all got into a room the first time but I do know why!  Each of us has a heart for orphans and for them to know the love of Christ and to experience the joy and FUN of following Him.
I absolutely love the women that make up the team and the hearts they service with and the gifts they have.  And then we went and built the most amazing team to go and make it happen.  We will laugh a ton and we will labor hard together... I can't wait to see what God is going to do.  I can't wait to see the kids faces as they sing the song that Chris wrote.  I can't wait to see the leaders and mentors bond with their small groups.  I can't wait to watch kids play games and laugh at crazy white people being goofy.
And it's here... today... we leave!
God is in control, we've listened and worked every detail and packed a crazy amount of stuff.  We've trained, we've planned, we've reminded ourselves we will have to be flexible. And now... we get to watch God work.  We get to go along for this amazing ride and see Him capture hearts to Himself.
AHHHHHHHHH... I am so excited... can you tell???
We covet your prayers... for bags to arrive, for health of our team, for logistics of kids getting there...
but most of all... for the kids hearts to be captured by His love and that we wouldn't miss one moment of what God is up to!
Here we go!

Go here to see our prayer calendar and to keep up with us over the next 10 days!

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