Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some Favorite Moments

Some favorite moments... in no particular order...

the bus arrives with the first load of kids!
the dream becoming a reality!

i got the jump on one of these and ride into town packed in with all the graduates!

the trade school graduates march through the streets of Pader...
an amazing gift for these kids that would likely have never finished school!

watching a traditional dance from the kids.

the first morning i was out spending time with the Lord and saw this boy walking home with water.
it broke my heart to see his hand and arm that was shriveled.
little did i know he would be at camp and capture my heart with his sweet, sweet smile!

we weren't sure how the drama would translate.
but such a sweet joy to see the kids get it and get involved in the story!

huge highlight was introducing fiona (our amazing cook) to grilled cheese sandwiches :)

watching these kids laugh and play on the same land that was once full of death and destruction.

taking pics of all the groups... the fun ones are my personal favs!

theme of camp... a heart that's his!

seeing jane again!  i met her on my first trip and i was so excited that she came to camp!

when kyle turned around and told me that dominique, his sponosored kid, was put in his small group!

watching kyle thompson get so excited about helping the kids put the verse in the right order.

laughter of these sweet little ones.

all kids fired up over the crafts (i mean fine arts!)

our team carrying water to serve the women.
this water was carried every day to fill the tanks that allowed us to take showers.  very humbling.

and will washington.  he was the crazy ref that started each drama.  there really aren't words!!!

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