Friday, July 23, 2010

I'll Not Be Flooded

I won't have great access to internet this week so blogging will come from my phone... So maybe a little shorter :)
We arrived last night to my grandparents house and of course, they aren't here. And aren't ever coming back. Tears came pretty quickly as I remembered being here in March saying goodbye to Grandpa. I saw things hanging right where Grandpa had left them, or Grandma's house shoes by the dresser. Then I noticed the calenders... Some stuck on April when Grandpa passed and the others stuck on May when Grandma passed. I truly could not stop crying from the grief I felt.
Then my mom said to come out and look at the amazing sunset. By the time we got out there a brilliant rainbow had crossed the sky. And it was like God just painting His promise to me across the sky. "I'm here with you and this is my promise!" I know the rainbow is His promise not to flood the earth again. But I also take it today that my tears will not over take me. Yes they are going to fall a lot, probably more torrential downpours, but I will not be flooded! He will take care of me!
Thanks you God for that brilliant reminder!
(I'll post pics when I get back and sorry for any misspellings!)

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