Friday, July 30, 2010

My Grandma Schmidt

Grandma passed away in the midst of so much craziness already that I didn't write a post for her. I also wanted to make sure that I had all the pics I wanted to accurately give a picture of her life and her impact on me. So I took a bunch on this trip too.
It's been weird because I have felt like I missed Grandpa more than her and that his death has been harder than hers. I processed this some on the trip and realized that she really had been gone for a while since the Alzheimer's had taken over.
This trip really reminded me of who she was and truly how much I had taken from her. Below are pictures that I hope tell a small part of a story of her life!

Most importantly... Grandma loved to read God's Word. There were many many Sundays that she taught our Sunday school class when we visited them in the summers. She also took us to VBS.
This is Grandma picking berries. We picked a bunch of gooseberries. And she was an INCREDIBLE jelly and pie maker!
And she was a collector. Her most famous collections is her pitchers. She has small ones, medium ones, big ones, and oh yes... tiny ones.
Grandma was a big journaler. It was fun to go back and read about when we were there. I definitely take after her here... as I can fill up a journal!
Country breakfast! Almost every morning we had eggs, bacon and toast. AND she made some amazing biscuits. Collector once again... she picked up pretty rocks everywhere she went. And I won't hide... I am a collector too!
Cookies, cookies, cookies.... she made amazing cookies. She sent us a bunch every Christmas. (I do not take after her here!!!)
Cards & letters. Grandma remembered every holiday and birthday. She would send us letters all the time. And we found out on this trip that she kept every letter or card we had ever written her.
Her closet... she ironed and was just precious. She was proper and just cute :)
Another thing she collected... tins! These actually represent to me the support that she gave us. Everyone remember those fundraisers for school?? She always bought... a lot from us!

Flowers! She could make those things grow. Her Christmas cactus' are legendary! (That's the first picture.)

And birds! She loved birds. She would keep their bird feeders full of seed and the birdbath full of water. Her favorite bird was the hummingbird. Not so easy to get a pic of. But this is her bird feeder.

And this is one of her bedspreads. She always had perfect beds and she was always ready for us to come and stay with her. Grandma was a great host, teacher, and baker. And was a wonderful Grandma. She spoiled us and took time with us and always made us feel special.
I miss you Grandma!

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