Monday, July 26, 2010

It Takes Practice

Yesterday the statement was made, " You need to practice saying good-bye." I'll be honest... It's hard for me! As we sit going through all of my grandparents' stuff there are 2 struggles that I have.
One: that's really old and it's been in the family a long time, shouldn't someone keep it?
And the second one, and the harder one... that reminds me of them, how do I just throw it away or give it away? It feels really hard, I guess that one makes it hit home harder that it's
over. And because of those feelings, I'm keeping a lot of their stuff. I'm keeping things that I probably should be letting go. I'm taking more pictures of "things" than normal. I'm trying to not take everything I think I want. I'm trying to say good-bye, but it's true... It takes practice.

Sent from "no tellin' where!" -Suz


  1. I know change like this is hard for you because you treasure people (and the things that remind you of those people) so much. :( And I'm glad you're being present to experience it and face the feelings! Hope the last 2 days go well.