Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fair Day Fun!

Today was an unbelievably beautiful day for some time at the Texas State Fair! Of course I had a Fletcher's corny dog and my absolute favorite lemonade. And for the record... not all lemonade at the State Fair is equal! I would be happy to share the best location if you want it...The Family Ministry team went together. This is a fun pic of Mel and Sarah Beth as they are feeling the after shocks of the ride :) !
And this pic of KJ makes me laugh!!!
A little visit to the petting zoo was in order.
And then, we headed over to the butterfly exhibit. These little guys were so amazing!Seriously... isn't our Creator creative!
Then to the bird show. This year's show seemed extra cool. Lots of big birds. Isn't this dude cool?!

And that was the day at the Fair!


  1. so fun! love your photos....only you can make the fair look so beautiful!

  2. I'm with Mel. I think I would have puked!

  3. The butterfly pictures are amazing... hope you are doing well. love the blog