Friday, October 1, 2010

A Little Adventure... Puking Included!

So today had some excitement! I decided to head to Pacific City to explore. When I arrived I remembered my friend Tara telling me to climb the sand dune. So I did... this big one. If you look close you can see the people and see how tall it is. I started up, with confidence! Now, I stopped quite a few times to breathe. The sand was also really hot and I was going up with no shoes on. So... my little toes were also getting burned :( ! I finally made it to the top and I did not feel so well... BUT the view was BEAUTIFUL!!! I sat for a while to hopefully feel better. I got a little better and decided I should head down. That's when it hit... I puked! Such a bummer to throw up right there on the side of the sand dune. But, I just covered it up and kept walking!
I had a great fish lunch right on the coast. And then decided to head back up the little sand dune and check it out. I maybe, might have, crossed a little sign that says... don't. But I had 2 different people tell me that people do it all the time. This is what I found when I got up there... seriously awesome. I feel like these pics make it look small. But if you look closely again you can see the person on top of the 2nd rock from the left. (note: if you click on the pictures they should get bigger on your screen.)
Took a little self portrait. I was pretty adventurous, climbed across a lot of rocks and stuff. I will tell you that I have some mad respect for the ocean. The waves were massive and truly gave me pause to think of being swept away by one.
Just another cool view...
Check out those waves hitting on those cliffs...
Again... I wish I could explain how MASSIVE this wave is. It is HUGE!!!
And this one...
And another one...
I just don't know what else to say, besides... CRAZY AMAZING!
See the bird below?? What was crazy was seeing these massive waves and these little birds riding them and so not phased.
Just thought this was a cool shot.
Just another shot... the sand dune on the right... made me puke!
The small one on the left... so fun and a great adventure.
Cool bird I saw on my way out.
I stopped off at a cheese factory and saw this dude...
And I couldn't miss a sunset!

All in all... a pretty fun day!!!

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