Friday, October 1, 2010

Squeezed and Squeeky... My Last Day!

This morning I had one of the most amazing breakfasts I have ever had. French toast, fresh squeezed orange juice, crispy hash browns, and an omelet with wild mushrooms and blue cheese. Can you say YUM!!!Today was kinda cloudy and misty all day. So I only got to explore outside a little. I headed down to Hug Point and searched in this fun little cave. I also met a guy who works for Portland Park and Rec Services. I think maybe I was suppose to take the hint and talk longer. When you called me Dallas I should have caught on! Ooooopppsss! To you I say... "Sorry! I can be kinda slow!"
Found these guys attached to one of the rocks by the cave.
Then I ventured into Tillamook and went to the cheese factory. It was fun to watch the cutting of the big blocks of cheese. And I learned that if the block of cheese weighs less than it is suppose to, they slap on a little extra onto the top to make it the right weight. So if you get Tillamook cheese and see a little slice cut off, that's why!
They also let you test the cheese. This sign made me chuckle.
And when I tested the cheese it really was squeeky!!!
I also of course had some more Tillamook ice cream. It is YUMMY!

I went into town and picked up some AMAZING seafood chowder. I brought it home and ate it out by the ocean and fed all the bunnies and some seagulls. Fun last day.
I have started packing and can say I am sad it is all over! But it has been an amazing week, very thankful for the opportunity to come here!

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