Sunday, October 3, 2010

Haiti #4

One of the most profound things I realized on my trip was the day we visited an orphanage. This orphanage in Haiti was not much different than the one I visited in Mexico or the one in Africa. But this time something dawned on me... Kids don't really care if their clothes are clean.
Kids aren't real picky about what they eat as long as they are fed.All kids like to play and have fun.
But most of all... they want to be held and touched.
They want to be played with.
They want to be loved.And this picture is what taught me the most. You see, when we got to the orphanage this little girl was outside laying on the concrete. I could tell right when we walked in that she was not feeling good. I think she was laying on the concrete in the shade because it was the coolest place for her. But as soon as she could, she got up into Mary's lap. This little girl had a fever, but more than wanting to be comfortable, she wanted to be loved. She was willing to be even hotter by laying on Mary to get to touch and love that she needed.
Someone asked me what I feel when I leave places like that... and my answer... broken hearted! Because each of them needs a mommy and a daddy. They need to know they are safe and protected. They need to know they are loved.

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