Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Miracle of Life

Angela and I have been friends for the last 8 years.  She is like a sister to me and pretty much everywhere we go people assume we are and are shocked when we tell them we aren't related by blood.
Ang and I have been through a LOT of things together... some really hard stuff and mostly amazing joy & fun filled memories. We worked side by side for many years, lived together, vacationed together, and were in community together!  So when she found out she was pregnant and made a comment about me being in the room with her...  I of course said YES!!!
So on April 20th at 8am I headed to the hospital with Ang's parents, Mom and Dad C to me.  I thought we would be in for a really long day of waiting around, entertaining each other and we wouldn't get to meet the "unknown sex" little one until way later.  But... Ang received pitocin at 7am, had her water broken, received an epidural, labored down for 30 minutes, pushed for 20 and had a baby boy at 1:15pm... can you say FAST!
So on the same day I found out that the calcification was benign, I got the wonderful privilege of watching my little nephew being brought into this world.  I had my camera with me and asked Ang and Zac what all they wanted me to take pictures of and they said... whatever, we can always delete.  So I took a FEW pics in the very short time of delivery.  Keeping them all G rated... here is Harper Samuel Ladd's birthday!
 The Mommy and Daddy waiting to meet their little one.

 Zac in amazement at his little boy!
 Harper hanging out with the doctor getting all checked out.
 The delivery team!
 Uncle "Thunder" Matt and Grandma Peggy "Maggie"!
 Grandpa C holding his first grandson!
 I just like this pic!
And here are a few more after his birthday...

Ok so maybe we played a little dress up!
It was such a privilege for me to get to be there to see life entering into the world.  And for the gift of getting a small understanding of something I might not ever get to do.  For sure it brought mixed emotions... but mostly... Amazement and joy for the miracle life really is!
Thanks Ang and Zac for letting me be a part of Harper's birthday!

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