Monday, June 6, 2011

Can't Get Enough!

Ok. I know... another trip to the arboretum... and more photos that I want to share!
As we walked up on this scene I was just blown away by the color and truthfully the peacefulness.  If it had not already been 90 degrees at 10am I might have sat on that bench for awhile!

Then... this... flower...! Can you say... AWESOME!  I have never seen one like this before.  It was growing right up out of the water and the center part looked like foam with sequence on it.  Not even real.  But I'm pretty sure it was legit.  Nope, I was good and did not touch it to find out!

This is my favorite picture of Harper from the day.  That is his Gran and his GreatGran!  PRECIOUS!!!

And a little fun in the castle.

And with his Aunt Suz!

And a little "I Love You", shout out!

I'm think my little nieces and nephews are gonna have to get use to the torture!

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  1. O Suz, you are such a sweet and precious person to me. Thank you for capturing the moments we will treasure forever.