Thursday, June 23, 2011

Two Great Reminders

I haven't been sleeping very well lately.  I wouldn't have told you that a week ago because I was getting close to 8 hours every night.  But when I told my friend Melissa that I couldn't remember the last time I slept all the way through the night she was surprised.  I wake up at least once every night and most of the time more than once.  I don't usually stay awake, but still my REM patterns are probably getting messed up. (Is that what they are called?)
Mel helped me realize that not getting good sleep will start to take a toll on you. And I really do think it is taking one on me.  I've been feeling kinda off in my head.  Like all the synapses are not firing correctly.  I"m wondering if it's because I'm eating less fried food and there's not enough grease up there to make the connections work?  :)
I had lunch with a friend this week and she said her husband had been struggling with not sleeping through the night and his doctor told him to take Ambien 5 nights in a row to get his body back in the habit of sleeping all the way through the night.  He did and it worked.  Now, I don't do Ambien.  I have had 2 different bouts with the stuff and it made me CRAZY so I knew that was not an option.
I came home and found my prescription of Lunesta and thought I would try that.  I took it last night at about 10:30pm and went to bed and waited to get sleepy.
I was reading tweets and decided to send out a tweet.  Here is what it said...

I took a sleeping pull ang nor I Judy hope it really helps me.  I ness it Yo song.

I had to have someone else translate for me what I was trying to say...

SO... Two great reminders today...
1) I do not do well with sleeping pills... especially ones that say they slow your brain down!
2) ONLY Tweet while coherent!!!

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