Friday, June 17, 2011

Mavs and Superstition

Most of the world knows by now that the Dallas Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Champions!  I do not love basketball, but I like basketball.  Most of the time I feel like the players are rich punks who just want more money and kind of whine a lot.  But sometimes you find a group of guys who are more old school and seem to play for the love of the game.  Now, I do not know the guys on this championship team personally so I can't say for sure, but a lot of them seem to be fairly humble, hard-working guys.
There has been a lot said about the match-up of the Mavs vs Heat.  David vs Goliath.  Good vs Evil.  But really my favorite was said after the game when they talked about the title not being won by superstars but by a TEAM.  I loved that.
OK, enough about my opinions and thoughts.  What I was mainly going to share was my playoff experience.  You see... I did not watch very many of the games.  In fact I only actually witnessed 2 full games all year.  When the playoffs started I confess I kinda thought the Mavs would end up like they have the last few years and they would lose the first round.  Clearly proved me, and a bunch of others wrong.  Then I watched one game during the 2nd round of the playoffs and they lost.  So I vowed to go back to being in my bed when they played and it worked... they won every game in that series. So here come the finals and I don't know what to do.  So first game I don't watch, but I'm not in my bed and they lost.  2nd game, I'm in my bed, they win.  3rd game... people are giving me a hard time so I'm not in my bed, they lost.  4th and 5th game... in my bed... they win.  So the dilemma of Game 6!  Do I watch? Do I not?  I had been getting comments all along from people thanking me for being in bed and playing my part on the team.  So I posted the question on Facebook and here are the responses I got...

Delimna... I should watch the game or should go to bed? #mavs
Sunday at 1:02pm via Selective Tweets · Privacy: ·  · 
    • Julie Stern maybe you could paint something...
      Sunday at 1:05pm · 
    • Charla Dixon U considering dropping superstition? Things could get dicey:) A lot is riding on that decision... just kiddin! You should watch:)
      Sunday at 1:37pm · 
    • Jenn Massie Are u kidding??? :) u don't want to miss the last game, do u??? :)
      Sunday at 1:54pm · 
    • Emily Richmond Loerke if you jack with our mojo ima gonna cut you.
      Sunday at 1:59pm · 
    • Jeff Ward bed!
      Sunday at 2:05pm · 
    • Rachel Wolters Shelton We don't really have time for you to stay
      up and watch and possibly push us to a game 7 ... GO TO BED ...

 Gave me great laughter.  So my friend Robbi and I talked about what I was going to do.  I told her I had to be close to my bed in case it started going south.  So we started watching at my house with my roommate Charla.  As we are in the middle of the 3rd quarter I started to get nervous and think I should go get in my bed.  They were like... "come on, stay in here, you don't want to miss this."  So I said, only if we move my bed in here will I stay.  So at the end of the 3rd quarter... WE DID!

Victory was ours!  100% of the time I was "in my bed" in the 4th quarter... we won!
Now you might be asking... do I really think I had anything to do with the win. 
My response... "probably not!"

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