Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fun Surprise!

Fun surprise yesterday!  I saw on Facebook that my cousin would be in Dallas painting a mural.  I messaged her to find out where, what, and when.  Found out that she was given one of the pillars in the Bark Park in Deep Ellum to paint.  She is gifted.  You can check out her website at  
I thought I was just going to stop by and say hi for a few minutes, but ended up ditching my idea of going to the pool and sticking around and helping them paint.  It was really fun and relaxing (at least as relaxing as you can be in 100 degree heat!)
Here are some pics of what it looks like.  There are lots of painted pillars down there... go check it out.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the bones in the tree!

 Here is Sarah!

Aren't they so cute :)

We also went for a late lunch to Serious Pizza.  And it was a seriously large pizza... check it out!

It really ended up being a fun surprise in my day to get to just hang out with Sarah, her hubby and their friends.  Thanks Sarah for letting me play with y'all!

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