Friday, July 1, 2011

This Week... BLAH!

This week has been hard.  I have not been sleeping well at all, which in turn has made me really sloshy in the brain, and also fairly emotional.  I kinda think my hormones are all out of whack, which does not lead to very fun times!  And not being very "with it" has created a hard time of "wanting to" spend time with the Lord.  I am a huge journaler and love to spend time in the morning with Him.  And mornings being tough has created a hard road.  Now this also leads to me having a shorter fuse and not being very patient or fun to be around.
WOW... can you tell it's been a fun one??  So, I am very excited for a long weekend and plan to spend lots of time in the sun and lots of time just being.  I think maybe my brain needs a mini vacation.
But I was reminded today of a few really good things.  I am in the midst of doing Breaking Free for the 4th time. And this morning during the video session Beth was reminding us that our "want to" does not always match up with what is best for us.  And so she said... "pray for God to heal your "want to!"  I thought this was pretty brilliant.  Because as I said earlier... my "want to" feels a little broken right now.
The other really great reminder was that God insists on a process because the end result is relationship.  I loved this.  Love that God knows that my relationship with Him really is what is best for me.  And so, things in my life can do one of two things... push me away from Him or draw me deeper in.  I am praying that this season of feeling a little "psycho" will draw me deeper into Him.
Thankful that in the midst of a BLAH! week... He can still teach me!

PS: I went to find a picture for this day and found out there is a Facebook fan page called...
I regularly get Mushy Brain Syndrome
The picture is from their facebook page.

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  1. I have been thinking of you this week and meaning to email. I am praying for you friend! I feel very similar on all accounts. I love that you are posting highlights of Breaking Free on the blog. It's a great reminder of the good stuff. Pray that you have a refreshing weekended and the time with the Lord is fruitful. Love!