Thursday, May 6, 2010

All in One Bottle?

I am somewhat in shock I think. My mom called last night to tell me that my Grandma in CO had passed away. We aren't sure exactly what happened but maybe a stroke or heart attack. She had Alzheimer's and I am thankful it didn't drag out, just like I was for both my Grandad's.
But WOW! That's a lot in one month!! There is a lot to grieve. As per the post before, the rains are still coming. (Both in circumstance and from my eyes!!) But there is a sense of calm in my heart. I'm hanging on the Psalm 119:114... "You are my refuge and my shield, Your word is my source of hope." (Is there any wonder why I stalled out in memorizing right there??!!) I know the processing will continue for all that has happened in the last month, for me and all those I love that are grieving loss. Praying I hold fast to truth and love those
around me well.
And a little side note... I don't think it is possible for me to run out of tears. And if Psalm 56:8 is literal, which I wouldn't doubt, then I can't wait to see what size bottle He has for me!

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