Saturday, May 29, 2010

Take the Exit

A friend of mine posted a comment the other day that really got my mind thinking. She said,
"All I know is I will never be the same. I pray that He makes you more like Him in the midst of a time you will never forget." The six words that stood out to me... I'll never be the same.
I've pondered on the thought for about a week now. Thinking about the truth of each day of our lives. Not only does each day bring things that change us, both in who we are and how we see things. But it should be true because we are allowing the Spirit to change us, to sharpen us, and continue to take the dross off. The Spirit has the power to change us and I wonder how much I get in the way?! Do I sometimes avoid stopping to see, stopping to really experience? Do I just choose to rush past the exit, to not stop and see because it might hurt more?
As far as the circumstances of the last 7 weeks, I feel like the Lord has sweetly called me to not rush past. To take each moment as it comes. To LISTEN and to LEARN, and to MOST importantly REST in Him.
Here are some of the ways I think I have changed, because of what He has taught me. Hopefully to never be the same...
1) I will let my friends even deeper into my thoughts and life so that I will be more guarded from slipping into isolation and fear.
2) I have another experience piled on to the track record of faithfulness of God that I can fall back on in the future. (My rock jar is getting heavier.)
3) God's word is taking deeper hold in my life and has proved once again how powerful it is to fill up the most empty times.
4) This experience of losing people I think will give me more compassion when others around me lose someone they love.
5) Spending time in God's word every morning and trusting Him to provide for the day has once again proven vital to having what I need to get through what the day holds.
6) I hope it will make me a better friend. That I will be reminded to pursue when the "newness" has worn off.
I know this stretch of road is not done yet. But my hope and prayer is... Lord change me. Make me more like your Son. Open my eyes that I will see where you are moving and where I get in the way. I want to rely completely on You. I don't want any of it to be wasted! I want to exit and sit where You want me to. Change me!

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  1. Great post. The Lord used "change" in significant ways with me too- so hard and so sweet.

  2. Glad you shared those words and what you have been learning. Continuing to pray for you and the coming weeks. Love you friend!