Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mom!

Loves cats!
Is great at editing anything.
Notices new things about us... haircut, new glasses, clothes etc.
Drinks Coke!
Always adopts my friends into the family... birthdays and all!
Does thoughtful gifts... trip to Ethiopia care packages.
Is a master at crossword puzzles.
Always answered my why questions.
Never forced her childhood dreams on us.
Encouraged us to try anything.
Avid reader.
Notices what we say we want and it appears under the Christmas tree.
Doesn't like the taste of alcohol... just like me.
Excellent photographer.
Ready to help in time of need.
Super great cook... and let us pick meals when we were kids.
Offers great opinions when sought out.
Number one supporter of what we do.

I am thankful that God chose you to be my mom.
I Love You!
Happy Mother's Day!

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