Saturday, May 8, 2010

We Have FLEAS!!!

A little delayed in posting this... but it was too great to pass up.
Sunday, April 25th I came home kinda late from a dinner with some awesome ladies. We had a great time and was a sweet escape from all that had happened that day. When I was in my room I notices a flea on my foot. The 3rd flea to be found in my room in about 3 weeks. I went out to talk with Lindsey and Charla to see if they had noticed fleas and in the middle of the discussion Charla says... "I think there may be a critter living in our chimney."
I quickly say... get my a flashlight! I went to bend down to look in the chimney and I flashed the light up there before I got down where I could see and "something" moves. I tell myself it was just leaves... don't panic. Then I get all the way down... and BULL if there is not fur about a foot from me. I jump up and declare to my roommates there is an animal in there. I was pretty sure it was a raccoon! Both of my roommates at some point are sitting on the kitchen counter :)
I immediately called my neighbor Chris, who puts me promptly on speaker phone! I tell him we have an animal in our chimney and he has to come over now! (Side note: He tells me later that he didn't believe me!)
He gets to our house... better flashlight in hand, and looks up there and chuckles. YEP, you have a large raccoon in your chimney. I get so excited. Let's get up on the roof and look at it. To which Chris replies. "Are you serious?" Yes, I'm serious. Of course he is totally in. He brings over a ladder, I change in to climbing clothes with tennis shoes and off we go.
As I am about to get on the roof, I realize that thing could have climbed out and be waiting on me... I get up very cautiously.
Chris and I get up there and we both stand at the chimney deciding who is going to climb up on the chimney to look first. NOT ME :) Chris jumps up and chuckles... "Hey buddy!" He tells me that it is a BIG ONE!
We decide to make a bunch of noise down stairs to see if the raccoon will leave.
Chris and I stand way back as we do not want to be in its exit path!
The critter does not exit so I decide I want to get up and look. Chris hoists me up there.
Yep it is a big one. I want my camera. The dialogue goes like this" Chris, "Ok I'll get it." Me, "Oh wait, get me down first." Chris, "No, hang on, I'll just grab it and give it to you." (Chris tells me later that my tone changed from, fun, to very serious." Me: "GET ME DOWN!"
I get down, get my camera and then get back up... and this is the pic of our critter.
We decide to board up the fireplace and call pest control the next day! SUCH a highlight to my week! I was so entertained and laughed more that night than I for sure had all month and maybe in a while.
The next day was lots of phone calls and emails on how to get our friend out. We found out that the raccoon was probably a mother about to have babies... on no, please not in our chimney!
One of the places told us to play really loud music and that the raccoon would leave out of irritation. So I blasted 106.1 in the chimney all afternoon. It would make me want to leave! And we got home that afternoon, looked in the chimney... SHE'S GONE! Chris helps us cover up the hole... duct tape to the rescue, and Lindsey's dad and brother came out the next day to really fix it. So thankful for men to help us out in the critter crisis's of life!
It really was such a welcome distraction to all the hard things going on. I kinda felt sorry for the raccoon... we were loud and annoying AND I wouldn't doubt if I get to heaven and found out God put her in there... just for me!
(And this week, one of my co-workers brought me a picture of a raccoon waving with a note that said... "Here's your raccoon for today, Love ya!" So sweet and thoughtful!)
Think maybe I should find a stuffed raccoon to remember the little joys in life!
P.S. Haven't seen a flea since!


  1. And now we know "the rest of the story." Thanks for the chuckle.