Wednesday, June 16, 2010

#WMEP10... small addendum

OH... I totally forgot 2 important things...

1) I actually saw a guy complete the "whole milk challenge"! YEP... he drank the gallon of whole milk and kept it down in the hour. It was pretty fun to watch everyone standing around chatting it up, pretty convinced he couldn't do it (me included) and then everyone counting down from 10 as he drank his last swallow! It was AWESOME. Of course right after the moment of victory he threw up... I think 9 times! Oh the joys! And to quote my pastor, "It just never gets old!"

2) We went on a bear hunt... the real bear kind, not my carved wooden one that I still want. . Apparently they are hanging around camp at night, especially by the trash compactor. So a few of my adventurous friends went with me to try and see one. But to no avail! We did get to see the stars... and man are they AWESOME out there! Maybe #WMEP11 !!!

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