Friday, June 25, 2010

The Year of the __________!

So far this year I have had 2 experiences with raccoons, and I fully anticipate MORE.
First one happened in January when I was leaving our offices. I was walking with Braun when I saw a raccoon in the parking lot. The poor thing saw me and started HAULING under and around the cars. Headed to the park I think. I have no idea why it was out in the middle of the day. I did get a picture of it... I'll have to post that later.
Second of course is when we had the raccoon visitor in our house. Check out this post if you missed that. It was such a great experience of laughter and adventure for me.
This youtube video is AWESOME... raccoon removal!
And three of my coworkers have set me pictures of raccoons to brighten my day in the past 10 weeks. This being one of them :)

And so I declare 2010... THE YEAR OF THE RACCOON!

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