Wednesday, June 16, 2010


My week in Estes was good, hard, amazing, and hard! I told a bunch of people on the last day that I was so sad that it was over but I couldn't go on another day. Here are some highlights...Caramel apple chips from Laura's! They actually had taken it off the menu. When I told them 400 people were ascending on Estes, and at least 1/2 of them were coming for these, He said... "Oh, you are those people!" YES WE ARE!!!Watching Kaigler dance with Pebo and Bryson!
When poker chips could not be found... splenda, sweet-n-low, and balderdash cards worked just as well! A great game of spades. I did miss Chandra, DK, and Ben!
Brooke and I sported our McKeaigg's shirts supporting their adoption.
Of course... the big slide. Truly the smiles on adults and kids alike were PRICELESS!
Worth every one of Bob Rudy's pennies!
2-5 year olds learned that God's word is SURPRISING!
A fun hike with Brooke, Lucina, and other friends.
Yes, that is Brooke with a chipmunk on her head! Totally took the dare!
Isn't he cute... and of course we did NOT feed them!
I just think ducks are funny!
Adventure Club team.... did an amazing job teaching the kids that they are Created 4 life, worship, connection, and SHINING!
The scene each night as the 3-5 year olds were kept contained until their parents picked them up.
Absolutely one of my favorite parts of Estes each year is seeing Wagner laugh really hard. Ross Boggs... He takes pictures of you when you don't know it!Patrick took down a whole table of adults in Texas Hold'em!The awesome UNCRUSTABLES!Thank you Alexis for my very own... ThumbTrendz! They make texting fashionable! The Family Time drama Crew.... yes, they got hired by Disney! And... yep I signed a child's nose with a sharpie.
It really was an amazing week. What pictures can't capture is the life change that happened. Many, many hearts were changed and relationships built and restored! It is a gift to get to be a part of this each year. And we are going to every year now... so... sign up!!!

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