Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Broken Leg!

My friend Ann, who I work on staff with, found out that she has kidney cancer.  As I sat and listened to her share it with our staff, I was so encouraged and thankful for her hope in God and His care and sovereignty in her life.  If you want to read more about her processing, check out her blog:
(Side note:  Ann writes for a living and is really gifted at what she does.  So it is a great read :)

So on to the reason I am telling you about this.  You see, there were a few other things rolling through my head as she shared.  As I have been fighting with all this health stuff I have consistently been saying a few things.
First... It is hard that what is wrong with me is not external that you can see.  If I had a broken leg, I would have a cast, take some pain meds, ask for help, and those coming in contact with me would see exactly what was wrong.
Second... Not knowing is driving me crazy.  As I said above... broken leg... what to do... CLEAR!  But not knowing means just living through the symptoms of each day, a little bit in a fog AND no one can see what is wrong with me, so it is not apparent upon glancing that something is.
And so as I listened to Ann I thought... "Lord, I really do think if I found out I had cancer, I would be trusting You like that."
And you know what I heard back... "How about trust me like that even when you don't know what it is!"
OH... RIGHT!!!
I can glorify Him in the not knowing.  I can trust that He is sovereign over all of it, even when I have no idea what is going on.  (In fact, isn't that pretty much what is going on 99.999999% of the time??) I can be thankful even in the midst of the unknown.

So that's what I am trying to do.  Lean in, and trust Him, even when I don't have answers.

A little info on my health stuff... I took a saliva test this past week.  A crazy kit where I take my saliva at 4 different parts of the day, under some specific conditions.  Then I mail it... thank you UPS.  I have an appointment this Friday with my friend's Dad to talk through what all they found.  Hoping for answers.  Praying for answers.  But trusting the Lord has much purpose in this part of the process too!

I waited patiently for the Lord to help me,and he turned to me and heard my cry. Isaiah 40:1

The animal pics were found on the website "animals with casts"! Who knew there was such a thing??
And this is just a bonus video I found while looking for the cast picture.  The music is awesome!

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