Friday, August 5, 2011

What Are You Trusting In?

"Then Israel will no longer be tempted to trust in Egypt for help." 
Ezekiel 29:16

As I read Ezekiel 29:16, a couple of things struck me.  First question I asked myself is what is my Egypt?  What am I constantly looking to for help? or comfort? or satisfaction? Why am I so darn tempted to look to other things and not look to the Lord?  The most logical answer.... "because God has let me down when I've asked for help." And yet interestingly that is not the case.  Any time I choose to look to the Lord for strength, hope, joy, whatever I need... He always provides.  I know some of it is that I don't always believe that He will help me, or maybe even believe that He cares.  Which as I type that it makes me sound like such a fool, because He always helps and He can't not care.  But often I try other things first.  I call a friend before I look to God.  I try on my own before I look to the Lord for help.  I just quit and lose under the weight of, "this will never happen," long before I look to the God of the Universe who raises the dead to help me.  Funny how thick my skull is and how much my habits get in the way.
Second it struck me how loving God was to move Egypt out of the way.  To not allow Israel's attempts to trust Egypt to work.  I love that nothing can satisfy like Him.  I love that He is the ONLY ONE that can meet my needs for what He has put in front of me.  I LOVE that He cares and wants me to trust Him and let Him walk with me, guide me, lead me.  At first it seems arrogant and prideful that God would make this only work with Him.  And yet, the more you learn about Him and learn of His character and know His love, you realize that it is the most loving thing He can do is turn us to Him.  He is the best, most greatest answer.  What a gift.
And so I'm praying that I will not look to anything other than Him.  That my trust will be completely in my Savior and Lord.  And then, as Romans 15:13 says... I will be filled with peace and joy!  I'll take me some of that!

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