Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Love You Too!

This past week in Breaking Free Beth shared something that really struck me.  She said one night as she looked at a sunset she was thinking and saying to the Lord, "I love you." And yet felt in her spirit the Lord saying... "You should be saying, 'I love you too!'" She then shared that God is always the initiator.  It really struck me and I want it to stick with me.
I am so taken with His creation and ways that He wows me with all that He does.  There isn't much more I like photographing than creation.  And I always feel SO loved when I sit and watch a sunset or take in the mountains or watch the waves crash.  And I had never thought of saying back, "I love you too." But I want to make a habit of it now.
I blogged in July that I went to Florida and would be posting some pictures that I took... here are ones that for sure make me say... "I love you too!"

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